Who says natural cleaners don’t have enough oomph to work well? I’m obsessed with¬†@the_green_housewife s products!! Month two of using her products and I am honestly in love! Safe enough to eat, her products are just amazing. Her Multipurpose spray cleans everything. Kitchen, bathroom, windows, mirrors… one spray. The whole damn house!

Tammy Bunt

Hey! Have been meaning to message to say, my daughters eczema on her legs has disappeared since switching to your laundry powder!

Renee Pearson Fitzmaurice

“This cleaner has honestly been life changing. Sad right? A cleaning spray has change my life. I’ll admit it. However, cleaning the entire bathroom (glass, taps, counter tops etc) with one spray and having it smell like citrus and not chemicals? Yeah. Life changing, especially with young kids and it being SAFE ENOUGH TO EAT! Love it! I high recommending trying it! <3Their other products are all home made from awesome natural ingredients and all safe enough to eat. Their toilet fizz is amazing!”


Received my cleaning products on Friday. So yummy!!!!! My kitchen smells divine.

Nicki Bojsen-Moller

I recently purchased a foaming hand soap kit from The Green Housewife and it is amazing! Comes with the concentrated soap that can be watered down and can refill the dispenser 10x! !! The soap gives such a nice lather. Love that it’s all natural ingredients. Will definitely be purchasing again from her in the future

Emily Rawls

I usually use Ajax to get my sink & other metal products sparkling but I tried the soft scrub & found it to be not only easier to use but it was great knowing that I could get it on my skin without worrying what was in it.

Jo Penny

Hey Sarah. I used your Soft Scrub powder to clean up a really dirty Crown Lynn oven dish. It has come up AMAZING!….. Its been stained for years and I’ve tried everything from bleach, jiff even dishwashing powder to get the marks off.

Lauren Verstappen