Our mission is to empower Mums to create the home they desire.


We believe that every child deserves to grow up in a safe, happy and healthy home. We believe that we can make an impact in the world from within our homes. We believe in taking control back and being the master of our lives. 

Hi, and welcome to The Green Housewife, your home of 100% natural, non-toxic cleaning products. We pride ourselves on being people, pet and planet friendly.

 I’m Sarah, the founder of The Green Housewife. I didn’t set out to make soap and create cleaning products. I started out my professional career as a paediatric nurse working with children in the community and within the hospital setting right up until I had my first child. While I did love health and am passionate about children and the issues they face, raising my family became my first priority.

Ask any parent and without exception they will all tell you that the happiness and health of their children is their #1 priority. When you see your child suffering from illness you would do anything to make it better. So when my eldest daughter began to suffer from the same debilitating allergies that caused my husband to once spend an extended period sleeping outdoors every night, I knew that I had to do something. Listening to our daughter coughing until she vomited every night was not an option.

After extensive research I began to see a pattern between the chemical load we place on our bodies daily and poor health outcomes. Unable to control the environment outside our home I began to explore ways to create a safer and healthier home for my family through decreasing the amount of synthetic chemicals we came into contact with.

After completing a course in Australia with an environmental engineer which, with my background in health, gave me the skills and confidence to create a range of home cleaning products that are botanical based, non-toxic, environmentally friendly and do not compromise the users or home health.

After clearing the home of harmful chemicals, I discovered renewed health for our family. My husband no longer sleeps outside, (unless he snores!), and my daughter no longer coughs every night. Friends started hearing about the new developments in our home and requesting to try the products for themselves. And…..


The Green Housewife Was Born.


We can now help you create a safer and healthier home for your family. We are on a mission to help families ditch the chemicals and make their homes a safe place to be. My story is not an isolated one. Since switching to our products we have heard of other stories of cured eczema and improved asthma. Others simply love our products for their low impact on the environment. Everyone has a story to tell. What will yours be?