Our mission is to help you create a healthy, safe & simple life for your

family through green & clean living.


Come explore our full range of natural, non-toxic cleaning products that not only will deliver great results but help you create the happy, safe and healthy home your family deserves.

All out products are handmade from plant and earth based natural ingredients that are 100% biodegradable. They are septic and gray water safe. We DO NOT test on animals (although some would argue my children are a bit feral). We do not use synthetic chemicals or fragrances. We are proud to say that all our products are made in New Zealand by a Mum for Mums just like you.

 We believe all children deserve to grow up in a safe, healthy and happy home. When you’re strapped for time + want to clean naturally + save the planet — we’ve got you covered!

What People Are Saying.

Hey! Have been meaning to message to say, my daughters eczema on her legs has disappeared since switching to your laundry powder!

Renee Pearson-Fitzmaurice

This cleaner has honestly been life changing. Sad right? A cleaning spray has change my life. I’ll admit it. However, cleaning the entire bathroom (glass, taps, counter tops etc) with one spray and having it smell like citrus and not chemicals? Yeah. Life changing, especially with young kids


Hey Sarah. I used your Soft Scrub powder to clean up a really dirty Crown Lynn oven dish. It has come up AMAZING!….. Its been stained for years and I’ve tried everything from bleach, jiff even dishwashing powder to get the marks off.

Lauren Verstapppen